The best areas to live in Dubai

As a long-term Dubai resident and an estate agent, you can imagine how many times I’m asked which are the best areas to live in Dubai. The answer, as you can imagine, is dependent on your stage of life, your income, your goals, and, of course, your needs and tastes. Our sprawling desert city has evolved so much in its relatively short history. You can still see remnants of the old ways of life,...

Palm Jumeirah: The Ideal Living Area

"It's too far away." "It's isolated.” “There aren’t any shops.” “You have to drive to the Marina to buy your groceries.” “There aren’t any restaurants.” Three years ago, it was me espousing the above sentences when asking friends why they decided to live on the Palm Jumeirah. I've previously lived in Downtown (before it was actually Downtown), I’ve lived in multiple...

It’s time to find a new home (sigh!)

Let’s skip past the part where you call numerous brokers to find out the property isn’t available.  Let’s skip past the part where you hear the infamous line ‘the doors open, look and call me if you like it’ Let’s jump to the part where you have found your new home and are negotiating the rent. No doubt you have already completed some due diligence, you’re aware of what that type of...

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