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Vastu Shastra Tips for New Home

1. The direction of the plot and construction should face north or east
As per Vastu tips for happy home, some directions like north and east have a positive impact while other directions have a negative impact. Vastu tips for buying new flat state that east and north-facing plots are appropriate for the construction of homes. Homes facing west or south should be avoided.

2. The plot should be shaped square or rectangular
Vastu tips for buying new flat suggest that the shape of the plot of the house should be square or rectangular. It should also be facing squarely in the four cardinal directions. As per the rules of Vastu, the ideal ratio between the length and the breadth of the building should be 1:1 or 1:1.5 or a maximum of 1:2.

One should avoid irregularly shaped plots that are oval-shaped, circular-shaped, or triangular in shape. A plot with four corners and a square in shape is the best type of plot as per Vastu tips for buying new flat.

3. The shape of the building/structure should be in line with Vastu norms
As per Vastu tips for positive energy in home, two shapes are important when it comes to buying property. These shapes decide the overall prosperity and wellbeing of the people who stay on that property. The ‘Gaumukhi’ shape, which is narrow at the point of entry and broad at the back is considered good for plots that are being bought for housing purposes. The ‘Shermukhi’ shape is broad at the entrance and narrow at the back and is considered the best for commercial properties. Extended corners are considered unsuitable for residential properties except in the north east.

4. Vastu tips for buying new flat for interiors and colours for a house
Vastu tips for new home suggest avoiding buying flats painted in dark colors. This is because dark colors in your home’s walls, furniture, floors etc. radiate negative energy. In contrast, light colors such as pink, yellow, orange, etc. radiate positive energy. Homes painted in these colors are suitable to buy as per Vastu principles.

5. Placement of areas like kitchens, toilets, staircases and the main door
Prospective home buyers should consider the placement of areas like the kitchen, toilets, and staircase when buying a new flat as per Vastu tips for new home. Ensure that these are not in the south or southwest directions. The placement of the main door too is very important when buying a new flat. Many luxury flats in Dubai, do follow these vastu tips at the time of being built.

6. Avoid buying flats that have large bodies of water in the South or West direction
Vastu tips for buying new flat suggest that homebuyers should avoid buying flats that have large bodies of water. Especially in the South or West direction of the apartment.

7. Ensure the kitchen fits well in the south east direction as per Vastu
Vastu tips for buying new flat suggest that if the kitchen is in the southeast direction, the food will be prepared in the east direction. This is considered auspicious.

8. It is best if the entry of the home is towards the north or north-east side
As per Vastu Shastra tips for home, this will ensure sunshine in your home throughout the day.

9. Bedroom Vastu tips for buying new flat
Ideally, the bedroom should be in the southwest corner as this will help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. The position of the bedroom is important to ensure that your home is a peaceful abode according to Vastu tips for buying new flat.

It is important to check whether the bathroom/toilet is in the north west or south east corner of the flat. Vastu tips for buying new flat also suggest that the toilets should not be right next to the Pooja room or kitchen.

Consider these vastu tips for buying new flat
Vastu Shastra has been widely considered to solve issues at new and old homes. Hence various vastu tips are often used to allow new life and energy into our homes. Though some might not believe in the usefulness of vastu shastra, these tips are still worth a shot when it comes to instilling positivity in your dream home.


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