5 Career Downfalls Experienced Realtors Fall Into

5 Career Downfalls Experienced Realtors Fall Into

Downfall number four is becoming increasingly typical! Make sure you set yourself apart and stay focused on being on the right track.

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You’ve been a realtor for many years now, you feel accomplished, yet you want to achieve more. So here you are, putting in the hard work, just not seeing the results you want. While it is frustrating to be in this situation, there is a way out!

Check if you might be doing these five things that are causing your career downfall:

1. Wrongly utilizing social media

Social media is a double-edged sword. It can be a powerful tool or a powerful distraction. Do not scroll your days away. Instead, use it to build your personal brand! And we’re not talking about just posting your new listings; clients want to know who they’re dealing with, don’t be afraid to show them a bit about yourself as a realtor. Building something of your own always pays off in the long term.

2. Poor Time Management

Planning is a great thing! But overanalyzing things to the point where there is little time left to take action is harmful to your career. By this time, you should have perfected your workflow already. It makes a big difference when you know how to prioritize and manage your action plans.

3. Not having a purpose

We can all agree that there is something more than just monetary gains. Having a purpose behind your hard work makes your journey to success more meaningful. Ask yourself, why am I doing this work? Who is this for? What will this make me feel? How do I want this to impact the world?

4. Promoting misleading content

The whole industry is battling against this dreaded unethical strategy: FAKE LISTINGS. It affects the entire marketplace and heavily impacts your credibility as an experienced realtor. So protect your integrity; it will set you apart.

5. You’re just “Winging It”

Placing your future in the hands of luck is putting your career at risk. When you “wing it”, you won’t have a game plan. You become inconsistent, and it leads you to feel out of control. Get hold of your journey, and know your work like the back of your hand. Being passive and letting things flow won’t help your career.

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